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  • Spending time on details that showcase superb, elevated results.
  • Precision, organization and style all delivered within your budget and on time.

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Stoyan Rizov


Stoyan has worked with some of the largest architectural and construction companies in the Midwest. His projects have taken him to the East and West Coasts and around the Midwest. Stoyan’s skilled craftsmanship materializes the visions and ideas of the clients. His background has installed in him a deep intuition into the nature of building client relationships and collaborations.

With experience in design planning, building and site management, he has worked on projects for business use and within all aspects of residential architecture. He has a way of introducing comfort and warmth into all spaces through thoughtful design, clean details and the use of natural finishes. He has graduated The Technical Institute for Building and Design in Europe.

Marina Rizova

Designer and Sustainability Director

In Europe Marina was involved with the finesse of interior optimization, the science of colors and incorporating art in everyday life. In the United States Marina studied Art History, Humanities and Fine Arts in CCC.

She is certified in Business Sustainability Management from the University of Cambridge, UK. She leverages her banking experience to ensure that the company has the necessary systems and financial transparency to provide an unforgettable customer experience.